Finding an Animal Shelter in Louisiana: All You Need to Know

Are you on the hunt for an animal shelter in Louisiana? You've come to the right spot! In this article, we'll provide you with all the information you need to locate the ideal animal shelter for your requirements. We'll cover topics such as adoptable animals, frequently asked questions about shelters, transportation programs, and more. The Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission (LAWC) has developed a comprehensive and precise reporting system to create a simplified state reporting system. This system allows for a thorough analysis of shelter operations in the state.

Take Paws Rescue is a volunteer-based, non-profit rescue group based in New Orleans, LA. They offer loving adoptive families for rescued animals until they find a forever home. They have volunteers all over Southeastern Louisiana and their Stray Café in New Orleans helps homeless dogs find loving forever homes through training, socialization, and love. The record includes a request for a description indicating whether your municipality or parish has adopted or plans to adopt an ordinance that establishes minimum standards for animal shelters within the jurisdiction to comply with the standards listed in the Louisiana Revised Statutes (see Louisiana R.).

Take Paws Rescue carries out their mission by taking pets out of shelters and preparing them for transportation to foster homes, rescue organizations, and other shelters in the United States. This helps reduce shelter and overpopulation throughout Louisiana. If you're looking for an animal shelter in Louisiana, there are several options available. You can search online for local shelters or contact your local municipality or parish to find out if they have adopted an ordinance that establishes minimum standards for animal shelters within the jurisdiction.

You can also get in touch with Take Paws Rescue to learn more about their services and how they can help you find the perfect animal shelter for your needs.