How to Make a Difference for Homeless Animals in Louisiana

The Louisiana Humane Society is a non-profit organization that has been working since 1988 to promote nonviolence and compassion for animals across the state. They strive to create new animal shelters, improve existing ones, and introduce innovative pilot programs and projects to help endangered animals. Rescue Alliance is another organization that helps homeless animals and families keep their beloved pet in their home by providing pet food and supplies to those in need. Additionally, their award-winning community clinic offers affordable, low-cost services to animals in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Unfortunately, more than 50% of Louisiana communities lack animal shelters, wildlife rehabilitation programs, or pet rescue. This means that emergency response to sick or seriously injured domestic animals, ruthless domestic animals, reports of serious animal cruelty, possible rabid animals, or possible exposure of humans or domestic animals to wildlife when rabies is a cause for concern are not available in many areas. The Louisiana Humane Society urges animal shelters, wildlife officials and others to adopt alternatives to killing animals whenever possible. The centers hold lost animals for their owners to recover, adopt homeless animals and quarantine dogs and cats that have bitten.

Teaching compassion for all creatures is a priority for all animal protection charities in Louisiana as they work to help cats, dogs and other small pets. If you are looking for ways to make a difference for homeless animals in your community in Louisiana, there are several options available. You can donate money or supplies to the Louisiana Humane Society or Rescue Alliance. You can also volunteer your time at a local animal shelter or wildlife rehabilitation center. Finally, you can spread awareness about the plight of homeless animals by talking to your friends and family about the issue. By donating money or supplies, volunteering your time, or simply spreading awareness about the plight of homeless animals in Louisiana, you can make a real difference in the lives of these creatures.

Every little bit helps!.