What Services Do Louisiana Animal Shelters Offer?

Rescued, impounded, or surrendered animals in Louisiana are taken to animal shelters. The Animal Control and Rescue Center (ACRC) provides services for domestic, livestock, exotic, and wildlife animals. The Pet Alliance offers shelter, adoption, rescue, and humane euthanasia. Animals are received from citizens and officers of the ACRC.

The award-winning community clinic provides affordable, low-cost services to animals in the New Orleans metropolitan area. The Humane Law & Rescue team is devoted to keeping pets safe and enforcing animal laws in Orleans Parish. Caddo Parish Animal Services is an open admission shelter, meaning that no homeless animal is turned away. Their goal is to reunite lost pets with their owners and, when that is not possible, to find them a new home as long as they are healthy and not aggressive.

The Louisiana Animal Control Advisory Working Group (LACATF) is a group of professionals with a commitment to improving the state's public animal shelters. They are dedicated to fulfilling their mission of improving animal welfare in Louisiana. In the event of an evacuation order or if the Director of Animal Services or the parish president states that animals staying in the shelter would not be safe during a storm, the animals will be transported to a shelter outside of the storm's path. If you ever suspect an animal is being neglected or treated cruelly, contact the Department of Humanitarian Protection so an officer can visit it and assess its condition.

The LACATF provides emergency response to sick or seriously injured domestic animals, aggressive domestic animals, reports of serious animal cruelty, possible rabid animals, or possible exposure of humans or domestic animals to wildlife when rabies is a cause for concern. They also maintain a voluntary registry of animal shelters that allows them to carry out their functions. This registry helps them respond quickly and efficiently to any emergency situation involving animals in Louisiana.