What Types of Animals Do Louisiana Animal Shelters Accept?

Our mission is to promote, protect and promote the welfare of Louisiana's pet animals. Our diverse programs and services promote animal welfare and encourage the bond between humans and animals. Explore our animals that are currently available for adoption. Dogs that are considered adoptable have been vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and spayed or neutered.

When it comes to animal shelters in Louisiana, there is a wide range of creatures that can be taken in. These include dogs, cats, ferrets, and other domestic animals. The state has laws in place to ensure that all animals are treated humanely and their welfare is safeguarded. Under Louisiana law, all cases of human bites must be reported to local authorities or to the animal shelter within 24 hours of the time of the bite. If the call is justified according to the shelter's criteria, it will be sent to a shelter employee only through the LPSO.

When the provisions of this Code require confinement, the owner, veterinarian, animal shelter, or other custodian of the animal must confine that animal in a cage or otherwise so that the animal cannot contact any person or other animal. Any dog, cat or ferret that shows any signs during the 10-day observation period should be reported immediately to the local health authority and, whenever such signs are compatible with rabies, as determined by a licensed veterinarian or the state's official public health veterinarian, the animal will be killed and the head presented to a laboratory of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals for examination. After receiving an initial complaint, it will be sent to the LPSO or other local authority to assess the situation and verify if the complaint meets the designated criteria, as described in the Livingston Parish Animal Shelter Policy and Procedure Manual. Dogs must be picked up at the shelter after their quarantine period; otherwise, it will be considered “abandonment”, punishable under article 2452 of Abandoned Animals. The Livingston Parish Animal Shelter is located in Livingston city next to the parish fairgrounds. It is important for people who own animals in Louisiana to be aware of all laws related to their care and treatment. This includes laws related to confinement, reporting bites, rabies testing, mistreatment of animals, and abandonment.

By following these laws and regulations, people can ensure that their pets are safe and well cared for. Additionally, they can help protect other people from potential harm caused by animals. Animal shelters in Louisiana are devoted to providing a safe environment for all animals and promoting responsible pet ownership.