Animal Shelters in Louisiana: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Furry Friend

Are you looking for an animal shelter in Louisiana? Look no further! Take Paws Rescue is a volunteer-run, non-profit rescue group based in New Orleans, LA that is dedicated to finding loving forever homes for all of their rescued animals. Our Stray Café in New Orleans also helps homeless dogs find a loving home through training, socialization, and love. The Louisiana Revised Statutes require all municipalities and parishes to adopt an ordinance that establishes minimum standards for animal shelters within their jurisdiction. Take Paws Rescue is committed to meeting these standards and helping pets find their forever homes.

We do this by taking pets out of shelters and preparing them for transportation to foster homes, adopters, rescue organizations, and other shelters in the United States. Best Friends is also working hard to save the lives of animals in Louisiana. We collaborate with shelters, non-profit organizations, and animal advocates to create and support community-driven cat and dog adoption programs, transportation associations, and proactive practices of giving back to the owner. By transporting animals across the country for adoption, we are able to reduce the overpopulation of shelters in Louisiana.

Best Friends is committed to saving every pet that can be saved and ensuring that Louisiana is a no-kill state by 2025. We are working with animal welfare organizations and stakeholders across the state to make this goal a reality. If you are looking for an animal shelter in Louisiana, there are many options available. Take Paws Rescue and Best Friends are two great organizations that are dedicated to finding loving homes for all of their rescued animals. They both have programs in place that help reduce the overpopulation of shelters in Louisiana and ensure that all pets find a loving home.